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The purpose of this document is to provide a detailed weekly update regarding the holistic state of the Rook DAO treasury, for the benefit of any interested party.

*Rook undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements made in the past, whether as a result of changes in actual results, changes in assumptions, or other factors affecting such statements. Reported financial information is prepared on the basis of modified accounting principles due to the experimental and nascent nature of DAO business enterprise and its formation. Deviations from established accounting standards or principles such as IFRS and GAAP are taken as deemed necessary according to professional judgment. These statements were prepared by internal DAO members, and such statements are not intended to be relied upon as advice (financial or otherwise).

Additional statistics and other information relating to the discussions herein can be found in our weekly metrics dashboard:*

<aside> ✨ Weekly TL;DR

Best practices document undergoing final review


Weekly Stats

Treasury Balance


Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 16.16.40.png

Asset Balances

Token Category USD Value % of Total
Stablecoins $19,495,436 40%
ETH $22,617,981 45%
BTC $1,185,095 2%
Other (inc. ROOK) $6,789,148 13%

Asset by Asset

Token Symbol USD Value Token Amount Token Price ($)
ALCX 107,587 5355 20.09
DAI 11,749,469 11,749,469 1
ETH 8,234,279 4360 1888
ROOK 6,680,054 162,809 41.06
sETH2 (inc.rETH2) 4,895,686 2593 1888
USDC 6,246,242 6,246,242 1
WBTC 1,185,095 40.64 29,148
WETH 2,062,908 1,092.5 1888
stETH 3,085,590 1643 1878
rETH 4,279,875 2128 2011

Protocol Analytics

Weekly Dashboard Volume

Total Previous Week % Change
140,110 284,459 -0.5

$ROOK Burned